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12.13.2. Adjustment of a forward door

At adjustment install the car on wheels on the flat horizontal platform. The gap on perimeter of a door has to make about 6 mm, doors have to be aflush with the next elements of a body (embedment on 1 mm is admissible).

1. Weaken two six-sided bolts above and below on the door case.
2. Adjust gaps. Tighten bolts.
3. Weaken the moment of an inhaling of six-sided bolts on a rack and rotation of an average bolt of TORX adjust installation in relation to the plane of a forward wing.

Fig. 11.26. A pin of the lock of a forward door (shooters showed bolts of fastening of loops of a back door): 1 – lock pin; 2 – contact switch of a door; 3 – bolts of fastening and adjustment of a pin of the lock

4. Adjust a pin 1 (fig. 11.26) the lock for installation aflush of forward and back doors.