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12.13.6. Door glass removal

1. Remove a door upholstery.
2. Remove the isolating film from the door case.

Fig. 11.30. Window regulator mechanism: 1 – window regulator electric motor; 2 – a bolt for glass removal; 3 – window regulator lath; 4 – glass; 5 – the guide flew down

3. Remove external and internal sealing laths 3 (fig. 11.30) door glasses.
4. Lower glass 4 to such situation that it was possible to turn out a window regulator bolt in the lower lath.
5. Extend glass from a guide.
6. Carefully incline glass forward and take out up.
7. Below in the middle of the mechanism of a window regulator bring the fixing bracket out of gearing.
8. Extend glass from a guide and leave at doors.
9. Take out a guide from a door frame.
Back not lowering glass
10. Turn out two screws from a partition. Pull glass together with a sealant forward and remove.
11. Take out glass in other door.
12. At the subsequent installation glass should be adjusted. For this purpose fix it in the lower lath so that it moved parallel to a guide.