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12.13.8. Removal of the lock of a door

1. Remove a door upholstery.
2. Remove the isolating film from the door case.
3. Remove the external handle of a door.
4. Lower glass.

Fig. 11.32. Bolts of fastening of the lock of a door (arrow): 1 – drive of the lever of opening of the door lock; 2 – the vacuum hose of the central blocking connected to the lock mechanism

5. Disconnect the drive 1 (fig. 11.32) the internal lever of opening of the door lock.
6. Remove from the lock a vacuum hose 2 central blocking.
7. If necessary turn off a lock cover.
8. Turn out TORX bolts from an end face and the case of a door.
9. Take out the lock from an opening.
10. At the subsequent assembly at first tighten a bolt from a door end face.