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12:15. The hatch in a roof

Fig. 11.33. Emergency closing of the hatch

Correct work of this structural element depends on the accuracy of adjustment which is not described in the book. Besides, special adjusting calibers and assembly devices are necessary for carrying out adjustment. Leakage of the hatch is, as a rule, caused by a contamination of drainage drains. They are on opening corners in a roof. The electric motor of the drive of the hatch is placed behind a forward plafond of illumination of salon.

Possible malfunctions of the hatch
At emergence of leakages of the hatch clean drainage drains a wire or carefully blow compressed air.
If the electric motor does not turn on, at first check the safety lock No. 4 located in a niche of the rechargeable battery under a back seat.
If the electric motor does not work again, close the hatch by means of the device of the emergency closing (for example if it is raining).
For this purpose remove the left facing of a forward plafond of lighting. Insert the lever into a six-sided opening and with a force turn in the direction shown in fig. 11.33.