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12.4. Removal of facing of a radiator


Fig. 11.5. Mechanism of opening of a cowl: 1 – facing of a radiator; 2 – opening lever; 3 – the fixing hook; 4 – spring of opening of a cowl; 5 – cowl; 6 – emblem of "Mercedes"

1. Open a cowl and turn off bolts on facing of 1 (fig. 11.5) of a radiator from within.

Fig. 11.6. To take out a plastic internal lattice from a frame of facing of a radiator, it is necessary to unfasten the fixing brackets (arrows) on perimeter

2. The plastic lattice can be taken out from a frame for what wring out the fixing brackets (fig. 11.6).

Fig. 11.7. Laying has to approach a cowl well

3. At the return installation of facing of a radiator you watch that laying densely adjoined a cowl (fig. 11.7).