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12.6. Replacement of a cable of opening of a cowl

The cowl is fixed by two locks. Both clamps are unsnapped from salon via the hummock drive which goes from right to the left clamp and further on the left side of a motor compartment through a forward wall of a body to salon. There the cable is connected to the lever of opening of a cowl on the forward panel.

1. Remove cowl clamps (in everyone on two bolts). Previously mark a starting position.
2. Unfasten a drive cable from a clamp. In the presence disconnect also contact socket of anticreeping system.
3. Remove the lever of opening of a cowl in salon (two bolts) and disconnect from it a cable.
4. Disconnect cable clamps on a wing and in a bumper zone.
5. For simplification of installation of a new cable tie him a wire to old. Pull an old cable in salon, new will not seem yet. Fix it in fastening of the lever.
6. Check correctness of installation of a cable in consolidation of an opening in a motor compartment.

Break of a cable of the drive of opening of a cowl
Try to hook at first from salon pincers and to pull the end of the broken cable (if the cable broke in this place). If the cowl does not open, bend a hook from a piece of a dense wire and bring him between a cowl and a bumper. With its help press to the right the spring lever of the lock in which the cable is also fixed. If at the same time slightly to press a cowl, it will be simpler to take away the fixing hook.

7. Fix a new cable in clamps in a motor compartment. At the same time you monitor the correct provision of a flexible cover of a cable.
8. After installation of the lock of a cowl if necessary adjust the provision of a cowl. The hummock drive is not adjusted.