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12.7. Removal of a wing

Bolts only forward wings fasten, back are welded on a body.

1. Remove a bumper.
2. Remove facing around a headlight of head light as it is described in section. "Electric equipment".
3. Remove a headlight.
4. Remove the side index of turn.
5. Remove the decorative panel, having hooked it if necessary the suitable tool.
6. Turn off bolts from the lower edge of a wing (two around a door, two about a bumper).
7. Having opened a forward door, turn off bolts on a forward rack.
8. Remove the flap.

Fig. 11.9. Under the decorative panel there are two bolts (arrow) of fastening of a wing

9. Turn off bolts along the top edge of a wing and remove a wing (fig. 11.9).
10. If necessary remove a rust from contact edges of a wing and a body. Process special zinc structure and after drying paint.
11. Before fastening of his wing it is necessary to establish correctly on height. For this purpose close a cowl and adjust position of a wing. At installation use new sealing laying.