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12.9.1. Adjustment of a trunk lid

The purpose of adjustment is the uniform gap between a trunk lid and details of a body to the right and at the left. From the lower edge it is necessary to provide accurate closing of a cover. The top surface of a trunk lid has to be flush with body details on both sides from it.

Cross and longitudinal adjustment
1. Weaken the moment of an inhaling of bolts of fastening of loops and establish a trunk lid in the necessary situation.
Adjustment of effort when closing

Fig. 11.14. Two bolts which should be weakened for movement of a bracket of the lock

2. Weaken the moment of an inhaling of two bolts of fastening of a bracket of the lock that it could be moved on a straight line (fig. 11.14).

Fig. 11.15. Adjustable clamps

3. Close and adjust a trunk lid. It should not be closed too easily, otherwise necessary consolidation will not be provided. On T-model adjustable clamps (fig. 11.15) hold a back door in the closed state and interfere with movement and knocks of a door in an aperture during the movement.
4. Screw bolts of fastening of a bracket of the lock.

Dampness in a luggage carrier
If dust and moisture gets to a luggage carrier though the cover is adjusted on perimeter in an aperture, check a condition of a sealant — over time it can lose elasticity or break if, for example, in the winter the frozen trunk lid opened with a force. For the prevention of wear of a rubber sealant regularly rub glycerin or special care product. Replace the failed consolidation