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12.9. Removal of a trunk lid

Adjustment of a trunk lid

1. Open a trunk lid.

Fig. 11.11. Removal of facing of loops

2. Remove facing of loops (fig. 11.11).
3. By means of the wide screw-driver carefully take out a trunk lid upholstery from latches.
4. Disconnect sockets of a lamp of illumination of registration plate, the contact switch of illumination of a luggage carrier and a vacuum hose of system of the central blocking. Unfortunately, they are not integrated together.
5. Holding a trunk lid with the assistant, turn out two bolts of fastening of loops at the left and on the right.

Fig. 11.12. After removal of an internal upholstery of a trunk lid access to both bolts of fastening of loops (arrow) opens: 1 – trunk lid; 2 – loop lever

Fig. 11.13. Before an otvorachivaniye of bolts of fastening of loops both on the sedan, and on a back door of the versatile person (T-model) it is necessary to mark their situation

6. Uncover 1 (fig. 11.12) a luggage carrier from loops (fig. 11.13).