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12. Body

Installation of a cowl in vertical position
Removal of a cowl
Adjustment of a cowl
Removal of facing of a radiator
Removal of an emblem of "Mercedes"
Replacement of a cable of opening of a cowl
Removal of a wing
Removal of flaps
Removal of a trunk lid
 Adjustment of a trunk lid
Removal of side slips
 Removal of a front bumper
 Removal of a rear bumper
Removal of an external rear-view mirror
 Removal of a forward door
 Adjustment of a forward door
 Removal of a back door
 Adjustment of a back door
 Removal of an upholstery of a door
 Door glass removal
 Removal of the external handle of a door
 Removal of the lock of a door
Wind and back flew down
The hatch in a roof

Great demands are placed on this important element: the small weight, rigidity on torsion, the high durability, existence of the power absorbing zones in forward and back parts.
Body of cars of the E-class bearing. The bottom, sidewalls, a roof and back wings are connected among themselves by welding. Wind and back glasses are pasted in a body. On T-models (station wagon) also back side glasses are pasted.
 Independent repair of a body
The majority of the repair operations described in the section can be executed independently in the presence of a standard set of the tool. At some skill one can dismantle bumpers, a front of a body and forward wings. It is better to remove heavy details, such as a cowl, a trunk lid (a back door) and doors with the assistant. Practical advice: if before removal of a cowl and trunk lid to note the provision of loops a felt-tip pen, then the subsequent installation of these elements will significantly become simpler.

Consequences of accidents
At damage of a body as a result of accident through your fault it is possible to save considerably on repair if to try to perform the majority of works independently. Let's assume that are damaged a bumper, a headlight, the index of turn, a wing, a cowl and a radiator.
It is necessary to dismantle the damaged details and to prepare the car for repair in a body workshop. Correction of the bent tin elements, a privarivaniye new and coloring will be its task. You will undertake assembly again.
When replacing forward wings, doors, a cowl and trunk lid it is necessary to stock up with enough anticorrosive means. After coloring all openings need to be filled with liquid wax. For protection of welded seams and small joints use universal sealant. Means for protection of the bottom of a body can be applied on joints in several layers.
After accident survey of gaps of a body will help to estimate whether the body geometry is broken.