13.2. Appendix 2. Plan of maintenance of the Mercedes car of the E-class

Restrictions of a warranty period
The HHT device for testing of the electronic equipment of the car
Plan of maintenance

For model of the E-class the following intervals of the maintenance (M) work: replacement of oil and service – each 15 000 km of a run or annually; maintenance – each 30 000 km of a run or each two years. By drawing up such mode first of all requirements of ecological safety and cut in expenditure of operation were taken into account.
Respect for environmental standards and decrease in volumes of utilization, and without deterioration in indicators of safety and reliability of the car was a main objective of development.
So, for example, the frequency of rotation of idling does not demand check, there is no need for replacement of oil for the transmission, for check of wear of details of coupling. Check of level of oil in mechanical and automatic transmissions and the back bridge as in these units oil is not spent is not required. To check rather only visually for existence of a leak of oil from these knots. The replaceable element of the air filter is subject to replacement only through 90 000 km of a run or time in four years. There is no need for adjustment of the parking brake thanks to the installed automatic equalizer of cables of its drive.
The plan THAT given below only first can seem to you too long and labor-consuming. After one-two checks you will understand that the majority of points of the plan are carried out by simple operations. Make the copy of the plan that it was possible to delete the implemented clauses. The list of works under the heading "Regular Check" is provided in the top part of the plan. These works should be performed regularly to each driver. Besides, their carrying out will not take a lot of time.