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2.1.2. Appearance of model of the E-class

Function corresponds to a form. This statement it is possible to characterize design of a new E-class.

Fig. 1.1. New models have appearance, nonconventional for Mercedes — four round headlights

On a forward part of the car (fig. 1.1) instead of rectangular headlights, typical for Mercedes, oval inclined double headlights which differ in fine design are established. They do more attractive appearance, create original "face".
In a profile the body of the car has the silhouette characteristic it is rather for a compartment, than for the representative sedan. This silhouette is well combined with a dynamic form of a forward part, and at the same time the body has design, habitual for Mercedes. Also registration of racks is typical for Mercedes.
Rack And. Thanks to smoothly ascending windshield it is resistant And keeps dynamics of lines, characteristic of the compartment body, passing into rather short roof and extended back glass.
Rack of Century. It serves as a formal link and thanks to the black varnished covering makes an impression of seamless knot between side glasses.
S. Imeet's rack the strengthened design. Thanks to an expressive form creates smooth transition to a back part of the car.

Fig. 1.2. E-class Mercedes car (side view)

Rather short roof, and also the back glass of new Mercedes of the E-class which is smoothly passing into a luggage carrier which organically connects to racks With give to a car body appearance (fig. 1.2), similar to a compartment