2.1. Body

The concept of the facilitated design
Appearance of model of the E-class

New models have appearance, nonconventional for Mercedes: four round headlights and the silhouette characteristic it is rather for a compartment, than for the representative sedan. Being a little more the predecessors, new cars of the E-class look stockier, longer.
Level of passive safety at a new E-class is very high. The complex structure of a body is urged to guarantee optimum deformation at arrival on an obstacle. At will the car can be completed with side inflatable pillows for the driver and the passenger sitting near him.
Along with eight models of the engine to the buyer offer three options of a complete set of a body – Classic, to Elegance and Avantgarde, 15 flowers of a paint and varnish covering and 12 samples of materials for internal finishing.
The main differences of options of a complete set of a body — in finishing of an interior, and also in decorative elements, for example, moldings. Any of engines is established in all options of a complete set of a body.
Many natural materials in cars of the E-class are replaced synthetic which easily give in to processing.
Strong and light materials, elegant streamline shape and, at last, effective protection against corrosion are a symbol of the reliable, safe and durable car.