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2.3.1. T-model

Only in 1966 Mercedes-Benz included in the production program practical option of a body for "A back fin" 200/200 of D, 230 and 230 S. This five-door car called the station wagon gathered small parties in Belgium.

Fig. 1.4. The Mercedes cars, T-model with a body the versatile person: and – on the basis of a series W – 123; – on the basis of a series W – 124; in – the modern version

In 1977 on the basis of the W-123 series Mercedes at the plant to Bremen released the car with a body the station wagon (fig. 1.4, a) which became success symbol. It was not only the working car of experts, but also "public" transport now. Mercedes-Benz made the essential contribution to change of image with elegant T-model.
And it is not surprising that Germans at once after representation of the versatile person attached the corresponding T-model to the E-class. The presented in 1996 in Geneva, modern version of T-model (fig. 1.4, c) began to be delivered in May of the same year. Also hit exactly! In comparison with the first T-model (on the basis of the W-123 series), and also unlike the predecessor (on the basis of the W-124 series) (fig. 1.4, b) the beginner strikes with the volume of a body which is put by the versatile person of the E-class in the forefront in the row on useful space — nearly 2 m3 (by VDA assessment method). Freight length at the spread-out passenger seat makes more than 3 m. Here it is possible to load 200 kg more, than into a limousine.
On the device and characteristics of Mercedes of T-model it is similar to the E-class sedan. But its running gear is modified according to the increased payload and the changed conditions of load of an axis. Besides, the full range of engines of an E-series is not offered to fans of T-model. Till March, 1997 inclusive owners of T-model had to be content with both 4-cylinder engines, the 5-cylinder turbodiesel engine and the 4,2 l V-shaped 8-cylinder engine. Now, with input of V-shaped 6-cylinder engines, at choice also 6-cylinder engines with a volume of cylinders of 2,8 l and 3,2 l are provided.
The V-shaped engines installed in station wagons can be installed also on 4-driving (4Matic) cars. Thus, since 1997 modifications of T-model contain eight cars with a body the versatile person of the E-class.