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2.4.1. Seats

Fig. 1.5. Seat cross-section. The inflated airbags — light color

The comfort of passengers is provided by seats with active ventilation and a lot of adjustments of provision of a back and pillow. In a seat the light inflated airbags, the pneumomassager and fans (fig. 1.5) are placed.
In Mercedes salon of the E-class people of different growth and weight conveniently feel. If, for example, the driver has height of 1,99 m, then behind there is enough place for the passenger of average height.
In spite of the fact that the external Mercedes sizes of the E-class exceed the previous model on only 50 mm, in its salon of the place much more. It is reached due to the following changes:
1. Width of salon at the level of elbows and shoulders is increased by 11 mm. A back part of salon has width of 1450 mm that is 34 mm more, than in the car of the previous class.
2. The distance between passengers of forward and back seats is increased by 33 mm and makes 840 mm.
3. The distance at the level of knees of back passengers is increased by 44 mm.
4. Height of salon in a zone of the head of the passenger on a front seat is increased by 22 mm and makes 997 mm. It is equal in a back part to 970 mm that in relation to the previous model gives a prize in 12 mm.