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2.5.1. Diesel 4-cylinder engines: Е 220 D, E 200 CDI and E 220 CDI

Even the smallest model of new generation of diesel Mercedes engines — released in 1993 2,2-liter 4-cylinder E 220 of D, designated in domestic market as OM 604, – according to the characteristics is achievement of modern engine building. The German producers the first began serial release of a 4-valvate forkamerny head of cylinders for the diesel engine. The valves located almost vertically are put in action by two camshafts which are from above. And the camshaft of final valves connected by chain transfer with a bent shaft in return through a gear wheel puts the camshaft of inlet valves in action. For achievement of good torque the system of absorption with rather long separate pipes serves. Besides, for the first time in the diesel engine were applied the system similar to system of injection of fuel with electronic control of the petrol engine (at the OHM diesel engine 604 – system with the distributive fuel pump), and CAN tires (CAN — Controller Area Network — the switched tire of data). The CAN tire gives the chance by means of change of the output data to carry out interaction between motor group and electronically in the operated car knots, such as the ASR system (protivobuksovochny), anti-blocking ABS system, the automatic transmission and the control system of readiness.
If to compare power characteristics of the 4-cylinder diesel to the engine W 115 (/8) of the 60-70th, then it is possible to see a huge difference. If previous 220 D had the power of 44 kW / 60 h.p. with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the mines-1 engine 4200, then the new engine with the same volume of cylinders has 70 kW / 95 h.p. with a frequency of 5000 min.-1.
Models E 200 CDI and E 220 CDI having the power of 75 kW / 102 h.p. and 93 kW / 125 h.p. respectively since June, 1998 replaced the 4-cylinder diesel with the forkamerny principle of action.
Since June, 1999 models E 200 CDI and 220 CDI were modified, their power significantly increased: to 85 kW / 116 h.p. – at E 200 of CDI and to 105 kW / 143 h.p. – at 220 CDI