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2.5.4. Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 300 D

At the request of customers of Mercedes-Benz released as well the 6-cylinder diesel E 300 engine with a D volume of 3,0 l designated in domestic market as OHM 606. This model has notable advantages thanks to decrease in noise and vibration. So, noise from operation of the engine in interior of the car at model E 300 D is even lower, than at model with the petrol line 6-cylinder engine.
Technically the diesel E 300 D corresponds to the 4-cylinder diesel engine E 220 D (OHM 604) of 2,2 l, but more – to the 5-cylinder diesel E 250 D (OHM 605): a 4-valvate head of cylinders with forkamery, the electronically controlled, connected to the CAN tire line TNVD, a 2-mass flywheel at models with the mechanical transmission. The bent shaft of the 6-cylinder engine has seven radical bearings. Distinctive feature of the diesel E 300 D is the adjustable power supply system air representing a three-stage resonant pipe with mobile gates and length changed depending on speed. Length of absorption is maximum at the low speed when it is required to provide optimum pressurization, and decreases at increase in power.
Both at the diesels E 220 D and E 250 of D, and at E 300 D catalytic analyzer ecologically admissible emission of the fulfilled gases provides. Emission of harmful substances at 4-valvate diesel models is one third less in comparison with 2-valvate, it allows to reduce toxicity of the fulfilled gases by 20%.