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2.5.5. Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 320 CDI

Fig. 1.15. Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 320 CDI

In August, 1999 it was put by E 320 CDI (fig. 1.15) on the market – the most powerful version of the diesel engine in a class E with CR injection which replaced the diesel E 300 D.
With a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the mines-1 engine 4200 the new 6-cylinder engine develops the power of 145 kW / 197 h.p., for 11,5% big, than at his predecessor. At the same time the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h for 8,3 pages. The maximum speed of the car makes 230 miles/h. Despite such valid high-speed characteristics, E 320 CDI are consumed by only 7,8 l of diesel fuel on 100 km (NEFZ).