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2.5.6. Petrol 4-cylinder line E 200, E 230 engines

In June, 1996 the 4-cylinder engine with a working volume of 2 l was equipped with the new inlet camshaft with changeable phases of gas distribution which was used on other petrol engines earlier. Rated power and the maximum torque were left without changes, however the advanced curve of torque provided easier launch of the engine, the best acceleration performance and force of draft.
The engine with a working volume of 2,3 l was received from the 2,2-liter unit checked by time. Increase in working volume aimed at increase in torque, but not power. Increase in extent of compression up to 10,2 units and improvement of geometry of the combustion chamber optimized fuel consumption, emission of the fulfilled gases and burning process noise. Extent of compression remained former with the 2-liter engine, and the combustion chamber was also optimized. E-200 and E-230 engines are equipped with the modernized system of injection of fuel with a control system of the HFM engine and the sensor of a consumption of air of spiral type instead of earlier used P-motronic.