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2.5.8. Petrol 8-cylinder V-shaped engines E 420, E 430, E 50 AMG, E 55 AMG

The system of injection of the 4,2 l 8-cylinder V-shaped engine was adapted under a control system of HFM (fig. 1.16). Functions of management of injection and ignition are joint in the control unit of the Motronic 1.0 engine now. The electronic control system of the new automatic transmission which since the beginning of release equips model E 420 is combined with a control system of the engine.
Model E 430 replaced E 420. The new 4,3-liter unit belongs to a series of engines M 113. It was developed together with V-shaped 6-cylinder engines of a series M 112. E 420 and E 430 engines have the same innovative solutions: 3 valves on the cylinder, two spark plugs on the cylinder, sleeves of the block of cylinders with low coefficient of friction. Units are made at the plant of engines in Bad Cannstatt.
In January, 1996 the model range of the E-class was expanded sports version E 50 AMG. It is the 8-cylinder V-shaped engine with a working volume of 5 l and 347 h.p., constructed by AMG studio on the basis of the 4,2 l engine. Subsequently model E 50 AMG was replaced by the engine E 55 AMG with a working volume of 5,5 l and 354 h.p., belonging to a series M 113.