2.5. Engines

Diesel 4-cylinder engines: Е 220 D, E 200 CDI and E 220 CDI
Common Rail
Diesel 5-cylinder engines: Е 250 D and E 290 TD
Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 300 D
Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 320 CDI
Petrol 4-cylinder line E 200, E 230 engines
Petrol 6-cylinder line and V-shaped E 240, E 280, E 320 engines
Petrol 8-cylinder V-shaped engines E 420, E 430, E 50 AMG, E 55 AMG

At choice more than ten versions of engines are presented to the buyer in total (and the 5-cylinder 2,5-liter diesel engine of the E-class is specially delivered on the markets of Italy, Greece and Portugal).
Since July, 1998 the E-class had two models with direct injection: Mercedes E 200 of CDI and Mercedes E 220 CDI which replaced Mercedes E 220. Since June, 1999 both of these engines began to be issued the increased power. Production Mercedes E 270 CDI and Mercedes E 320 of CDI which in August, 1999 replaced Mercedes E 300 of D was in addition begun.
Models of the Mercedes cars of the E-class:
  1. With diesel engines:
Mercedes E 200 CDI, Mercedes E 220 D and Mercedes E 220 CDI – 4-cylinder;
Mercedes E 250 D, Mercedes E 270 CDI and Mercedes E 290 TD – 5-cylinder;
Mercedes E 300 D and Mercedes E 320 CDI – 6-cylinder.
  2. With petrol engines:
Mercedes E 200 and Mercedes E 230 – 4-cylinder, line;
Mercedes E 240, Mercedes E 280 and Mercedes E 320 – 6-cylinder in line and V-shaped execution;
Mercedes E 420, Mercedes E 430, Mercedes of E 50 AMG and Mercedes of E 55 AMG – 8-cylinder, V-shaped.
In the field of engine building of Mercedes offers high technologies. Here both 4-valvate heads of cylinders and completely electronic control by the engine are already habitual 3-. Different phases of gas distribution are supplemented with various volumes of the soaking-up pipelines. Analyzers of the lubrication system facilitate control of operation of the engine and prolong oil replacement terms. And the most modern diesel Mercedes engine distinguishes direct injection in a combination with a turbocompressor and cooling of nadduvochny air.