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2.7.1. Safety at the movement and passing of turns

Schemes of depreciation and damping remain invariable: twisted springs in front and behind, gas shock-absorbers and the torsion stabilizers on forward and back axes (which refused on new models E 200 and E 220 Diesel). On Mercedes of the E-class there are dlinnokhodny springs possessing more perfect characteristics of stretching and compression than at the previous models. Reduction of a list (a side inclination of a body) during the passing of turns and movement along uneven roads became result of it that, in turn, reduced probability of drifts. This achievement in the field of safety and dynamics did not affect comfort at the movement. The gas shock-absorbers used for the first time on Mercedes of the E-class with double cylinders are an effective way of improvement of comfort and road performance of the car. Shock-absorbers work by the principle of regression that allows to react to the arising loadings more precisely.