2.8. Brake system

The Mercedes models of the E-class are equipped with the hydraulic double-circuit brake system. In comparison with the previous model, on forward and back axes of Mercedes of the E-class brake disks of bigger diameter are established.
Designers paid special attention to back brake disks. At models E 200, E 230 and diesel option diameter of back brake disks is increased by 20 mm and makes 278 mm.
At 4-cylinder and diesel models diameter of forward brake disks increased by 4 mm.
The effort of pressing and the area of a working surface of front brake shoes were also increased. Developed "floating" saddle brakes which are used on forward wheels for 4-, 5-and 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz models. On back wheels there were rigid saddle brakes providing reliable braking of both wheels.
On all Mercedes models of the E-class the electronically controlled anti-blocking system (ABS) is serially put.