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2.9.2. Protection against head-on collision

Collision of the car with the vehicle moving towards happens most often to shift sideways. It was shown by the analysis of accidents from 70th. Such collisions call head-on collisions, or off-set Crash. At nearly a half of all head-on collisions vehicles collide overlapping of a front part from 30 to 50%. In 25% of collisions the blow is the share of the party of the passenger.
   The fork bearing body design
Because head-on collisions happen very often, engineers of Mercedes-Benz developed as the conceptual decision the so-called fork bearing body design in which forward longerons form a fork before a forward wall of a body in the direction of an average tunnel and thresholds. Thus, at accident the main force of blow is the share of a tunnel, a floor and side parts of the car, and the passenger salon remains almost intact. Cross connection of longerons, besides, allows not deformed party of the car to assume a part of energy of blow at collision.
Mercedes of the E-class is in addition equipped with the cross bearing beam, strong on a bend, located in a forward part of a front and connecting both longerons. Longerons are removed far forward that creates additional distribution of energy at blow. At head-on collision the cross bearing beam works for stretching and connects both longerons of a fork design, redistributing on them energy of deformation. The fork design with a cross beam before a forward wall of a body at front blow goes down. Changes which happen at the same time in a middle part of a forward wall of a body are not dangerous to the driver and passengers.