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2. Description of the Mercedes E-class model

 The concept of the facilitated design
 Appearance of model of the E-class
E-class Mercedes models
Model range
 Safety cushions
 T-model options
 Capacity of the luggage compartment
 Dimensions of the Mercedes cars of the E-class
 Diesel 4-cylinder engines: Е 220 D, E 200 CDI and E 220 CDI
 Common Rail
 Diesel 5-cylinder engines: Е 250 D and E 290 TD
 Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 300 D
 Diesel 6-cylinder engine E 320 CDI
 Petrol 4-cylinder line E 200, E 230 engines
 Petrol 6-cylinder line and V-shaped E 240, E 280, E 320 engines
 Petrol 8-cylinder V-shaped engines E 420, E 430, E 50 AMG, E 55 AMG
 Mechanical transmission
 Automatic transmission
Running gear
 Safety at the movement and passing of turns
 The improved dynamics
Brake system
System of passive safety
 Protection against side blow
 Protection against head-on collision

The new Mercedes E-class model is on sale since the end of June, 1995 and is obliged by the success first of all to the authority of the predecessor — the Mercedes passenger car of the previous series (W-124) which two years ago when the firm entered new qualification of models, began to carry an index "E".
However the new car is better than the predecessor in many parameters.
At choice more than ten versions of engines are presented to the buyer in total (and the 5-cylinder diesel engine of the E-class of 2,5 l is specially delivered on the markets of Italy, Greece and Portugal).
In March, 1997 the 2,8 and 3,2 l line 6-cylinder engines were replaced with V-shaped 6-cylinder units.
In an index after the letter designating a class engine capacity in cubic centimeters without the last zero is specified. For example, at the E-230 model the 2300 cm3 engine (more precisely, 2295 cm3). The letter "D" designates "the diesel engine".
The courageous decision was twice rewarded. The new E-class rose on one level with racing cars. It drove Mercedes of the S-class which is in great demand out of the German market. And in the first year of the beginning of serial release (1996) took the seventh place on demand among such popular models as VW, Opel and Audi.