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3.2.1. As it is correct to pick up a detail

Some details on Mercedes of the E-class could change after time.

Fig. 2.1. The standard plate in dredging of a door: 1 – number of permission to release; 2 – VIN (17-unit identification number); 3 – admissible lump; 4 – admissible lump with the trailer; 5 – a permissible load on a forward axis; 6 – a permissible load on a back axis; 7 – serial number; 8 – type

Therefore in most cases in selection of the spare part year of release of your car is decisive. You facilitate work to yourself and the seller if take with yourself the passport of the vehicle and a leaf with rewritten from the standard plate (fig. 2.1) this or will bring with yourself an old detail.