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3.2.2. Choice of the producer of spare parts

All spare parts necessary for repair of your Mercedes, it is desirable to get from the official representative of Mercedes (that is original spare parts). You can buy spare parts of other famous producers (that is stereotyped spare parts), however refuse production without indication of the name of manufacturing firm. The money saved on cheap purchase will not pay back your cost of replacement of the fast-wearing-out knots and details.
Especially carefully it is necessary to approach acquisition of the spare parts ensuring safety of the car.

Do not save on spare parts on which your safety at the movement of the car depends.

Brake shoes, brake disks, axial bearings, shaft and hinges need to be got from the official representative of Mercedes as the majority of cheap production does not meet even the minimum requirements of quality. What purchase of cheap brake shoes from Eastern Europe or Asia will give you if their installation leads to an imbalance on a forward axis which can be corrected only in a workshop for big money? For convenience of selection of Mercedes releases "The general permissions to operation" (AVA) with the indication of codes of materials of brake shoes.