3.4. Special tool

At appropriate selection of the tool you will be able to conduct independently a set of works on service and repair. However for separate works you surely need the special tool. On sale there is a number of special tools and devices. Special tools which are desirable for having in the car are given below.

Fig. 2.12. Portable lamp

1. The suspended portable lamp (fig. 2.12) gives big help during the work under the car or in a motor compartment, and also during the works in salon and as often happens, in insufficiently lit garage.
It is possible to refer its antiblinding protection, an oilproof connecting wire to advantages of such lamp. The plafond of a lamp is covered with synthetic shock-proof material. Besides, the lamp is waterproof.

Fig. 2.13. Adjustable passatizh and clamps

2. Adjustable passatizh of 1 (fig. 2.13) by means of which it is possible to expose the nut size, necessary for an otvorachivaniye, and clamps of 2 various sizes will help you with a number of works, for example when fixing big details or when there is no "third" hand.

Fig. 2.14. Set of strippers: 1 – three-lever stripper; 2 – two-lever stripper; 3 – internal stripper

3. A small set of strippers consisting of a three-lever stripper of 1 (fig. 2.14), a two-lever stripper of the 2 (most often used) and internal strippers 3. Strippers — obligatory accessory of any auto repair shop. It is desirable to have this tool at itself in a garage, for example, if you want to remove a nave of a wheel or the bearing of an axis.

Fig. 2.15. Universal jack

4. The universal jack (fig. 2.15) is suitable for repair better, than a jack from a car set. The basic racks shown on a background will not allow your car to fall, and wedges are substituted under car wheels for its fixing.

Upon purchase do not choose a low-power jack.

Fig. 2.16. Keys for replacement of an oil filter: 1 – special key; 2 – universal key

5. A special key of 1 (fig. 2.16) and a universal key 2 for replacement of an oil filter.

Fig. 2.17. Dynamometer keys

6. Dynamometer keys (fig. 2.17) which automatically begin to slip at excess of the set inhaling moment.

Fig. 2.18. Set of probes

7. A set of probes (fig. 2.18) for measurement of gaps. Upon purchase pay attention to that in set there were probes of thickness necessary to you.

Fig. 2.19. Charger

8. The charger (fig. 2.19) with automatic correction of current is especially necessary in the winter when your car is not used long time and the accumulator does not receive recharge from the generator.

Fig. 2.20. Universal tester

9. A universal tester (fig. 2.20) intended for measurement of control values of tension, current or resistance in electric chains of the car. Skilled auto electricians without it do not work.

Fig. 2.21. Special tool: 1 – an electrosampler with a clip and a contact tip; 2 – passatizh for isolation removal

10. An electrosampler of 1 (fig. 2.21) with a clip and a contact tip and passatizh 2 with the isolated handles by means of which you can remove isolation of a cable without damage of a wire.