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3.6.1. Basic racks

Fig. 2.22. Installation sites of basic racks

For safety of works at partially raised car basic racks of the different sizes serve. For the majority of works there are enough two such racks. At acquisition of racks pay attention to the basis sizes, it is desirable that it was not too small for transfer of pressure upon soil. Installation sites of basic racks on the car are shown in fig. 2.22.
Pay attention to that at installation the rack rested precisely against a rubber pillow of the corresponding threshold in order to avoid its damage. As intermediate laying it is in addition possible to use a dry board or solid rubber.

It is important that one of three legs of a rack was exposed towards a body, otherwise at the muscleman of the car the rack can be displaced and overturn.

The probe serving for adjustment of height of a rack has to be moved into an opening against the stop and законтрен by a pin.