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3.6.2. Use of a jack

1. The car has to stand on solid soil. Before work open a luggage carrier.
2. Tighten the parking brake and enclose wedges under car wheels (at their absence — suitable objects: whetstone, brick, etc.). It is impossible to rely only on the parking brake as during some works it has to be released.
3. By means of the screw-driver take out a plastic cap from a reception nest under a door threshold.
4. The jack is under a spare wheel in a luggage carrier. to bring a jack to the working condition, at first by means of the handle unscrew it against the stop with the earth, and then correct so that it stood vertically under the place of rise.

Fig. 2.23. Raising of the car by means of an automobile jack

5. Establish an automobile jack only in special nests of door thresholds (rice 2.23). At the same time the arm of a jack has to be moved against the stop into a reception nest.

Fig. 2.24. Raising of the car by means of a garage jack

6. Lifting the car a garage jack, it is necessary to rest a lifting emphasis of a jack against the bottom only through a rubber pillow or wooden whetstone (fig. 2.24) to avoid damage of the bottom.
7. Pay attention to an arrangement of legs of a basic rack when raising your car. The basic rack is established reliably if one her leg is directed outside, and two others — to the middle of the car. Otherwise when raising the car the basic rack standing on the other hand will be displaced sideways.