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3.7.2. Otvorachivaniye of the damaged nuts

If you brought down sides of a nut or they are strongly damaged by corrosion, then only force will help to turn off them to you. Try the following:
– turn off a nut, having strongly taken it adjustable flat-nose pliers (alligator wrench);
– if adjustable flat-nose pliers do not help, use a sharp chisel and split a nut;
– if it is convenient, saw a nut on a carving a hacksaw;
– in the presence of sufficient space near a nut use the tool for splitting of nuts. The bolt of the tool drags on until the nut does not break up. Advantage of such way is that the bolt carving is not damaged;
– use so-called "gaykootboynik" who are applied to an otvorachivaniye of nuts at stations.