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3.7.3. Otvorachivaniye of bolts with an internal six-sided head and "star"

Remove dirt from grooves of bolts before inserting the corresponding keys.
Best of all to apply to an otvorachivaniye of such bolts long 6-faced or, respectively, "star-shaped" heads. The got heads transmit to wrenches (at which the effort is put always on two sides of a bolt) by ordinary Rozhkov effort to all sides to contrast. The blow by the hammer on the tool (or, as a last resort, directly on a bolt head) will a little weaken landing of a bolt that will facilitate to you its otvorachivaniye. The hammer with a head from copper or artificial material does not damage a detail, but influences a bolt, as well as the ordinary hammer.

Work in hard-to-reach spots
If you need to put and wrap a bolt in a hard-to-reach spot, use the next ways. In order that the bolt did not drop out of the tool, on a head of a bolt stick a little chewing gum or apply on it dense lubricant and insert into a cut of a key or attach a bolt to the tool an adhesive tape