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3.7.4. Otvorachivaniye of shlitsevy and cross screws

After some time screws can rust so strongly that they cannot already be turned out the simple screw-driver. At cross screws even by not really strong pressing the screw-driver it is possible after numerous attempts to so spoil cross vents that it will be impossible to turn out the screw.
If the screw cannot be turned out at once, do the following:
– take the strong screw-driver which is precisely corresponding to the screw size and try to weaken strong blow of the hammer to the end of the handle of the screw-driver screw connection. Often the screw strongly korrodirut only at a head therefore after blow by its hammer it is possible to turn out easily;
– if it does not help, use an impact driver. After each blow the pro-collar of its working part occurs the hammer on the back of the handle of an impact driver. This tool allows to turn out practically any screw.