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3.7.7. Drilling of bolts with the cut-off heads

The carving in which the bolt with the cut-off head sits should not be whenever possible damaged for what:
– you zakernit the center of the rest of a bolt;
– now you can begin to drill. Bolts to the M8 size can be drilled a drill for an opening under a carving (it is diameter of a body of a bolt without cutting). For bolts to M6 the empirical rule works: diameter of a carving is multiplied on 0,8. For example: the threaded connection of M6 x 0,8 = diameter of an opening under a carving = 4,8 mm. Bolts the size from M8 should be drilled previously thinner drill;
– delete the metal particles which remained in a carving with a chertilka. However in most cases it will be required to cut a carving anew.