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3.7.8. Cutting of a carving

The carving cut in light metal especially easily escapes as its not so high durability, as at steel. If metal suffices, you can make a carving of bigger diameter. Otherwise it is necessary to use the carving plug — this work is carried out on car service.
Cutting of a carving is made in three stages by means of the corresponding taps of the 1, 2 and 3 numbers. When performing this work constantly oil an opening under a carving. not to bring down a carving, it is necessary to cut it carefully, putting small axial effort to a tap, periodically unscrewing it and then screwing more deeply. Upon completion of work clear a carving of the remained metal shavings and additives.

Sizes of fixture and moments of an inhaling
Bolts and nuts to which special requirements for an inhaling are not imposed are wrapped by the standard moment which depends on diameter of a carving of a bolt (nut). Most of amateur mechanics twists them "to the touch". Dependence of size of the moment of an inhaling on diameter of a carving following:
Diameter of a carving, mm             6 8   10 12 14
Moment of an inhaling, N · m *        10 25  49 85 135
* The given values do not correspond to the moments of an inhaling of the special fixture and fixture used to light alloys.