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3.8.5. Timely presentation of a claim

For the performed works the 6-month guarantee has to be provided. To badly performed works a claim should be made immediately. If after low-quality repair in your car there were damages or breakages, you can demand from car service of their elimination, and in case of refusal file a lawsuit the claim.

Check and guarantee
1. When checking the car first of all check a state and work of the knots responsible for reliability and safety in our car. If necessary you have the right to demand their replacement.
2. If the run is made by less than 20 000 km, then such knots as brake shoes, a suspension bracket, tires and steering, have the wear imperceptible for the driver. Therefore regular service of your car not only will help to support him in an excellent state, but also will ensure your safety.
3. Mercedes recommends each 20 000 km to undergo the current servicing, and each 60 000 km — capital servicing in the authorized service center.
4. If a run of your car in a year small (does not exceed 20 000 km), then surely visit the service center of times a year for servicing.
5. If you drive the Mercedes car, refuse independent carrying out maintenance. Mercedes-Venz will accept claims on a guarantee only if guarantee works were performed in time and in the service center