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3. Working conditions and tool

Acquisition of spare parts
 As it is correct to pick up a detail
 Choice of the producer of spare parts
 Spare parts "second hand"
Main tool
Special tool
Safety measures
Raising of the car jack
 Basic racks
 Use of a jack
Working methods of the mechanic
 Otvorachivaniye of the rusted fixture
 Otvorachivaniye of the damaged nuts
 Otvorachivaniye of bolts with an internal six-sided head and "star"
 Otvorachivaniye of shlitsevy and cross screws
 Removal of fixture by drilling
 Unscrewing of hairpins
 Drilling of bolts with the cut-off heads
 Cutting of a carving
Delivery of the car in repair
 The authorized service center, car service, workshop
 Statement of a task for repair
 Coordination of cost of works
 Spare parts for the old car
 Timely presentation of a claim

Good preparation and the organization of work is already half-affairs. Only when there is enough place for work, the corresponding equipment and always necessary materials and tools, work in a workshop in pleasure is had near at hand. And it is the main condition of the fact that your car will have due leaving and service.