4.1. Cleaning of salon

For cleaning of salon it is better to use special means. Forget about soap and universal cleaners for the house: glasses, seats and facing materials are exposed to strong influence of dust, dirt and moisture which are easier for removing with the means which are specially intended for this purpose. These special cleaners are expensive, but anyway their use will pay back your expenses.
Main materials necessary for cleaning of salon:
– the rags which are not leaving fibers. Use them for wet and dry cleaning;
– brushes for cleaning of clothes (for cleaning of pillows of seats);
– the vacuum cleaner with various nozzles;
– suede for rubbing of glasses;
– finely porous sponges for parts from imitation leather.

Means for cleaning and care of salon
Cleaners for plastic are intended for surfaces from artificial materials. Clear and refresh color of plastic, add it gloss and remove a static charge. For long time protect surfaces from pollution and dust.
Means of purification of textiles are intended for pillows, rugs, coverings of doors and salon. Reliably delete dirt and dust. Refresh color of material of a covering. Many cleaners are capable to delete even the hardly removed pollution.
Means for purification of glasses delete even strong pollution, for example traces from insects, nicotine, oil spots and so forth. Are suitable for all glass surfaces.
Rubber care products (silikonsoderzhashchy) are intended for consolidations of doors, glasses and the luggage compartment, and also for rugs. Keep rubber of elastic, prevent its hardening and keep freshness of color.
Spray from a raid on glasses preserves the purified glass for several days or weeks (depending on weather). The spray applied on glass in a few minutes forms a foam layer which you can remove with a dry tissue.


1. Clean the car. Do not forget to clean ashtrays.
2. Take out rugs, beat out them, if necessary vacuum.
3. Wash rubber rugs.

The lower party of a rug has to be dried surely up. The damp bottom of a rug can lead to emergence of a smell and emergence of spots on a floor covering.

4. Remove big particles of dirt with the vacuum cleaner. For a soft and rigid textile covering use the corresponding nozzles of the vacuum cleaner. Wipe a smooth rubber covering of a floor with a damp rag.
5. Clean pillows of seats brushes or vacuum. Wipe other surfaces from artificial materials with a damp rag. Process corners and hard-to-reach spots brushes.
6. Wipe seat belts with a dry brush. At strong pollution use soap solution.

Fig. 3.1. Putting care product for imitation leather

7. You apply imitation leather care product on skin and distribute a damp pure rag from suede (fig. 3.1). Thereby you will achieve good penetration of means deep into of the surface of skin. If means gets on glasses, a steering wheel or the panel of hair partings, immediately remove it by means of means for purification of glasses or artificial materials.

Do not use at all gasoline or solvents as on artificial materials there can be spots which cannot be removed then.

8. For cleaning of surfaces from artificial materials use an appropriate means. Wash out places with the put means water and wipe with a dry rag. At strong pollution not concentrated fat-dissolving means divorced in warm water will help.
9. You clean the ceiling which is usually covered with textiles only in case of very strong pollution. Well sprinkle it means for cleaning of textile materials and wipe with a sponge or a terry mitten.
Repeat this operation only if necessary. Process all ceiling entirely, otherwise formation of spots and potek is possible.

Fig. 3.2. Putting care product behind a leather upholstery of seats

10. Process an upholstery of seats the foaming means for cleaning of a soft furniture upholstery. Clear a leather upholstery only special means for cleaning of skin (fig. 3.2). Carefully vacuum pillows and a soft upholstery while they damp, thus dirt is removed best of all.

Fig. 3.3. Survey of rubber consolidations of a door

11. Rubber consolidations of doors it is regularly necessary to examine (fig. 3.3) and to look after them, spraying silikonsoderzhashchy means.
It significantly prolongs service life of rubber consolidations of doors.
Their replacement — rather expensive action.
12. Clear inside of glasses damp suede and means for purification of glasses. Then wipe dry crepe paper.
13. If in the car often smoke, then even after cleaning it is possible to notice a gray raid on glasses. In this case special polish will help.

Do not allow hit of drops of funds for surfaces from artificial materials — there can be hard-to-remove or not washed spots.