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4.2.2. The place for a sink

The car wash is made on specialized car washes. There are all necessary nozzles, up to the vacuum cleaner. Previously employees of car wash surely should check a condition of sponges and brushes. It is possible that the previous car went on rural roads much and brushes remained crude from small stones and other firm particles. In this case scratches on your car are inevitable. You should not wash the car on sun roast — because of effect of a lens possibly damage of a paint and varnish covering.

Check of brakes after a wash of the car
After a wash of the car surely dry brakes — execute several trial braking. At the same time the water which got between brake slips and disks evaporates.
Often slightly braking on the last 100 m of a way, you remove moisture and salts from brake disks and will increase service life of the brake system. After a trip to a rain or on the roads processed by special cleaning means it is necessary to dry brakes before for a long time putting the car in a garage.