4.2. Wash of the car

Check of purity of the car
The place for a sink
If you wash the car independently

Fig. 3.4. Wash of the car

The wash of the car on the street now in many cities is forbidden. On it there are good reasons: during a sink together with dirty water the remains of oil and other harmful substances get to the sewerage. Therefore an automatic sink — a good solution. The used amount of water — sufficient, process — careful. Oil separators and systems of water treatment care for environmental protection. Besides, it is possible to choose various programs of a sink.

Use of the washing unit of high pressure
1. Water temperature has to be at most 60 °C. Too hot water influences rubber and protection of the bottom.
2. Put the regulator of pressure at most upon 3 MPas.
3. You are at distance of 60-80 cm (fig. 3.4).
At distance, smaller from the car, and big pressure there is a danger of damage of a paint and varnish covering.
4. At a wash of the engine be careful as water can damage the electronic equipment of the car or get to the engine through an inlet collector that can lead to breakage.