4.4. Lubricant

Lubricant promotes reduction of friction of details. On hinges and knots with narrow passes where lubricant cannot get, use spray for lubricant. It is better to grease the rubbing surfaces with fat or lubricant paste.
Recommendations about use of lubricants:
– it is better to process hinges of doors and a luggage carrier spray for lubricant;
– grease clamps of doors on the lower hinges with universal fatty lubricant;
– also grease pins of locks on doors, a luggage carrier and its cover with special spray;
– in winter time of a vent of locks and a larva grease with special anticorrosive lubricant. Lubricant protects not only from moisture penetration, but also renders anti-freezing effect that facilitates opening of locks at a frost. Best of all in cold time to fill in means from freezing in locks;
– well to grease the drive (cable) of the lock of a cowl, it is necessary to spray it fatty lubricant and after that several times to put forward-move the handle that lubricant got inside;
– grease a pin of the lock of a cowl and a reciprocal part with a thin layer of lubricant or use spray;
– grease hinges of a cowl with the same means;
– grease the sliding surfaces of the hatch in a roof with silicone spray.