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4.5.10. Screen wiper motor-reducer plugs

For control of work of a motor-reducer of a screen wiper it is important to know what functions are performed by each its plug.
Functions of plugs of a motor-reducer:
1. The plug 15 R – giving of tension at position of the I ignition key from a safety lock No. 3.
2. The plug 31 – connection with "mass" of the engine.
3. The plug of 31 b – the main conducting. It gives a signal from the screen wiper electric motor whether there is a screen wiper brush in a motionless state or moves on glass.
4. The plug 53 has several functions. First of all, carries out giving of tension for the first speed of the movement of the lever of a cleaner. Secondly, through it at switching off of a screen wiper the additional tension that the screen wiper returned to a starting position (rest), except for the combined switch moves. Thirdly, from the relay this plug switches to "weight" when the screen wiper becomes in rest position (except for the combined switch). At the same time the screen wiper electric motor is blocked.
5. On the plug of 53 b of a motor-reducer food moves if the second speed of the movement of a screen wiper joins.