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4.5.12. Removal and installation of a motor-reducer of a screen wiper back flew down (T-model)

1. Remove the lever of a back cleaner as it is described earlier.
2. Open a trunk lid and remove an internal covering (see the section "Body").
3. Disconnect the contact socket.
4. Disconnect a hose.
5. Unscrew three screws of fastening of a motor-reducer from a trunk lid and take out a motor-reducer assembled.
6. Check rubber consolidation for screen wiper axes in a trunk lid, if necessary replace it.

1. Check consolidation in a trunk lid. If necessary replace it, otherwise water will get to a luggage carrier.
2. Establish a motor-reducer assembled.
3. Put on a washer hose.
4. Connect the shtekerny socket.
5. For a short time include a screen wiper and disconnect that it came to a starting position (rest).
6. Put the lever of a cleaner and bring to the situation noted on glass by an adhesive tape. At a nasazhivaniye of the lever try not to touch a washer nozzle.
7. Throw with a nut of an axis of a shaft and turn. Put on a cover a nut.
8. Include a back cleaner and check a cleaning zone. If necessary correct it.
9. Put on an internal covering of a luggage carrier (see the section "Body").