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4.5.4. Filling of washing liquid in windshield windscreen washer

"Constant service"

Fig. 3.11. Filling of liquid in a tank: 1 – windscreen washer tank; 2 – washer reservoir of headlights

If on the dashboard the corresponding control lamp lights up, it means that it is necessary to add windshield washer fluid 1 (fig. 3.11) which is in a motor compartment.

Fig. 3.12. Control of level of liquid in a washer reservoir of back glass at Mercedes of T-model

At the T-model Mercedes car with a body the versatile person liquid level in a washer reservoir of back glass is controlled (an arrow, fig. 3.12).
That the shaded glasses kept the transparency, it is necessary to add special washing means in water. For this Mercedes offers special concentrates 001986 19 71 10 and 000986 88 71.
In addition the letter "S" (summer) or "W" (winter) is added to designation. The concentrate cannot be mixed with other washing means.
1. For the best mixing in a tank at first fill in a concentrate, and then water.
2. Well clear a windshield.