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4.5.5. Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper

1. Lift the screen wiper lever.

Fig. 3.13. Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper: 1 – brush; 2 – frame; 3 – screw-driver; 4 – rubber tape

2. For a windshield brush: wring out a plastic bracket of the holder of a brush down and, having pulled down, take out a brush of 1 (fig. 3.13) from lever hooks.
For a brush of a screen wiper back flew down (T-model): lift the screen wiper lever, establish a brush horizontally. Press a latch and, having pulled a brush down, take out it.
3. By means of the narrow screw-driver 3 (see fig. 3.13) disconnect holders from the rubber film 4.
4. Shifting a rubber tape, take out it from a frame 2 brushes.
5. For replacement only of a rubber tape previously weaken the holder's brackets.
6. Enter a rubber tape in the holder so that his grooves were turned towards dredging on a rubber tape.
7. That the rubber tape was well included into the holder's grooves, sprysnit it soap water.
8. Press out flat-nose pliers of a pin of the holder and put a brush on the lever.
9. Assembled establish a brush so that it rose precisely between the directing lever grooves.

At installation of a new brush assembled lower a plastic bracket on a clamp down.

10. Establish a brush and latch a bracket back, having stopped it on the lever.
11. Lower the lever on glass and be convinced that the brush densely nestles on glass.
12. Check work of a screen wiper on wet glass.

At change of the area of work of the lever the brush has to fit all rubber edge glass. If it does not occur, accurately turn in the lever so that it was parallel to glass.