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4.5.8. Dismantle of the lever of a cleaner of a windshield


Fig. 3.15. Removal of the lever of a screen wiper of a windshield: 1 – screen wiper cover; 2 – plastic cover; 3 – screen wiper lever

1. Lift a plastic cover of 2 (fig. 3.15) in the bottom of the lever 3 cleaners and turn out an internal hexagon.

Providing the good review
We advise to store a pin (needle) thrust in a sun-protection peak from the driver in case you will need to clean or adjust nozzles. In the winter they can freeze. Drop several drops of funds for defrosting of locks or alcohol for a tip of a pin and from it — in a nozzle as though you want to expose it. After a while the nozzle will be exempted from ice.

2. Remove the cleaner lever from the screen wiper mechanism. At the same time hold the lever that it did not strike in glass.

The blocked cleaner lever
If the cleaner lever at a heavy snowfall does not reach the final situation, the screen wiper motor-reducer all the same works and is energized. In such mode the winding of a motor-reducer of a screen wiper can burn down. Therefore stop, switch off ignition and clean glass.