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4.6.3. Care of a paint and varnish covering and preservation

1. Before polishing surely wash up the car and dry it.

Fig. 3.19. Polishing quality check

2. Try as polishing medicine lays down on a surface. At first polish the small site of a surface (fig. 3.19). Act carefully as medicine when drawing by its thick layer can damage a surface.

Fig. 3.20. Putting the polishing medicine and a cleaner of a varnish on a body surface a woolen or wadded rag

3. If medicine lays down well, it is possible to begin to polish all surfaces of a body. You apply polishing medicine and a cleaner of a varnish with a woolen or wadded rag (fig. 3.20). Do not use the big efforts, otherwise you can damage a surface. If you feel that material with which you polish not smoothly slides on a surface, turn or replace it.
4. After short-term processing there is a small white spot which then is removed a piece of cotton wool roundabouts. Process apertures which are subject to air pressure at the movement of the car not strongly.
5. After a while for polishing it is necessary to make bigger effort as medicine will take root into internal microcracks and scratches. Therefore it is desirable to replace material new.

Fig. 3.21. Wiping of a surface a pure woolen rag after polishing

6. After polishing wipe a surface with a pure woolen rag (fig. 3.21) to remove the remains of pile and polishing medicine.
Preservation of a paint and varnish covering

Fig. 3.22. Putting preservative by means of a wadded tampon

1. Put a layer of preservative (fig. 3.22) by means of a wadded tampon. The consumption of preservative depends on the size of the covered surfaces.

As preservatives contain harmful gradients, take care of good ventilation where you perform work.

2. Clean the most damp places a wadded tampon roundabouts.
3. When putting preservative do not press strongly a tampon to a surface and as often as possible overturn or change it. If, applying preservative, you feel "scratch", it means that the surface is insufficiently prepared therefore try to polish it once again.
4. If after putting preservative on some sites the covering looks uneven (hilly), once again process these places polishing paste.