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5.1.1. Four-cylinder diesel engines

Fig. 4.1. Motor compartment of the 4-cylinder diesel engine of a series CDI: 1 – broad tank of the cooling system; 2 – an air inlet of inlet system with the air filter; 3 – airintaking channel of a turbo-supercharging; 4 – the cooled plastic box for electronic monitors and relay blocks; 5 – cover of a maslozalivny mouth; 6 – an air inlet lattice for ventilation of salon; 7 – engine casing; 8 – casing of an inlet collector; 9 – a tank for brake fluid with the main cylinder and the amplifier of brakes; 10 – masloizmeritelny probe; 11 – signal; 12 – radiator; 13 – hose of water cooling; 14 – the throttle case with the valve of removal of gases; 15 – windshield washer reservoir; 16 – module of control of the brake system; 17 – a tank for servo-driver oil; 18 – block of the relay and safety locks

Fig. 4.2. Four-cylinder forkamerny diesel engine: 1 – air inlet; 2 – cover of a head of cylinders; 3 – a casing of the operating valve; 4 – valve of management of removal of gases; 5 – the operating valve of low pressure; 6 – final collector; 7 – cooling system branch pipe; 8 – generator; 9 – case; 10 – belt of the drive of auxiliary units; 11 – fan; 12 – drive of the hydraulic pump of a servoupravleniye; 13 – fuel filter; 14 – oil filter; 15 – masloizmeritelny probe; 16 – oil-filling mouth

The new generation of diesel Mercedes engines began to be established on the E-class in 1993 (fig. 4.1). All engines, even the smallest — OHM 604 (2,2 l), were equipped with 4-valvate forkamerny heads of cylinders, for the first time in lots produced for diesel Mercedes engines. The drive of valves was carried out from two verkhneraspolozhenny camshafts (fig. 4.2). The camshaft of final valves was given by a chain from a bent shaft and, in turn, put in action through a gear wheel a shaft of inlet valves. The high torque was provided by system of absorption with long sector inlet pipes.
Since June, 1998 on Mercedes of the E-class began to install diesel engines with the Common Rail system. The model of the E 200 engine with a CDI power of 85 kW / 115 h.p. was a firstborn of this series. Increase in power was created thanks to application of a new turbocompressor with the adjustable directing shovels.