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5.1.4. Provorachivaniye of a bent shaft of the engine

During the number of works on the engine it is required that pistons in cylinders were one after another exposed in the top dead point. For a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft of the engine in a provision of VMT there are several ways.

1. Install the car on a jack as when replacing a back wheel, include the 4th or 5th transfer. The bent shaft will be turned if the back wheel is freely turned. You will reach the same effect if you a little push the car forward.

Fig. 4.17. Turning of a bent shaft face key 27

You can also turn the engine a face key 27, having put on it a nut of a pulley of a bent shaft (fig. 4.17). The engine should be turned only clockwise.
2. Uncover a head of the block and turn the engine that cams of the first cylinder on distributive to a shaft looked vertically up. For more exact installation slightly turn a bent shaft in this or that party so that the tag on a pulley of a driving belt coincided with a tag on the block.
3. To be convinced of the correct situation, turn a bent shaft back and forth until mark VMT in a pulley coincides with the index on the engine block.