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5.2.2. Oil pressure

For reliable operation of the engine pressure of oil has to be corresponding. At too cold and very viscous oil there can be too big pressure. In this case the reducing valve opens the roundabout pipeline and directs oil back to the oil pump. The oil cycle remains.
The control bulb of pressure of oil lights up at a lack of oil when knots and details of the engine receive not enough lubricant. It happens if you with high speed undergo turn on the car with the low level of oil. The oil pump soaks up air instead of oil. Oil pressure sharply falls that can lead to serious damages of bearings.

The control lamp of pressure of oil lit up
If after bystry driving on the high-speed route or the mountain road the control bulb of pressure of oil idling blinks, it is a signal that pressure of oil fell because of too high temperature and, as a result, too low viscosity of oil. It is not a problem if at gas addition the bulb dies away.
If the control lamp of pressure of oil burns constantly:
1. Immediately stop and switch off the engine.
2. Check oil level.
3. If oil is not enough, add it. Check whether the control lamp burns again.
4. Tow off the car on STOA.